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As an academic, reading and writing naturally comprise a large part of my career; but for me, writing is also a pleasurable hobby (a mantra that I find myself repeating whenever I have a deadline to meet).  In addition to my academic pieces, I also write short stories and essays.  I have long dreamt of becoming a published writer, a dream that came partially true in 2004 when, in conjunction with the Foster City Historical Society, I co-authored the book Images of America: Foster City. Not only did my photographs appear in the book, but I also wrote the preface and the text for many of the chapters.  For more information about the book, click here.   

In 2009, I began working on my dissertation, an annotated and commented edition of Pierre Loti's 1905 novel La Troisieme Jeunesse de Madame Prune (in English "The Third Youth of Madame Plum.)  If you would like to find out more about the subject, click the "dissertation" link under the "Academic Pieces" section.  
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Non-Fiction Articles and Essays
*"A History of the Airedale Terrier" (2000)
This article has been cited on Wikipedia as well as other online encyclopedia sites. 

"Lifetime Lessons" A Reflection on the Study Abroad Experience (2004)
An abridged version of this text appeared in the IES Newsletter in Fall, 2005.

Fiction and Poetry

Nothing yet!  Keep checking back. 
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